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Home Games Played at Pirie Field. Games start at 7:05 p.m. unless otherwise stated.  Home Games in Bold

 JULY 2018:

 JUNE 2018:

Sun, 1–Melville at Fort McMurray 6:05 p.m. (L 0-5)
Mon., 2–Melville at Fort McMurray 7:35 p.m. (L 1-6)
Tue., 3–Melville at Edmonton (L 2-4)
Thur., 5–Weyburn at Melville (L 12-7)
Fri., 6–Brooks at Melville  (L 4-6)
Sat., 7–Brooks at Melville (W 14-12)
Sun., 8–Melville at Moose Jaw  (L 0-5)
Tue., 10–Lethbridge at Melville  (L 2-8)
Wed., 11–Lethbridge at Melville  (W 5-2)

Sat., 14–Regina at Melville (L 5-6)

Sun., 15–Regina at Melville 2:05 p.m. (W 16-9)
Mon., 16–Melville at Regina (L 4-6)
Wed., 18–Swift Current at Melville (L 3-9)
Thur., 19–Swift Current at Melville (L 4-9)
Fri., 20–Melville at Weyburn (L 2-15)
Sat., 21–Yorkton at Melville (L 9-10) and (L 2-7)
Sun., 22–Melville at Yorkton 2:05 p.m. (W 10-4)
Tue., 24–Moose Jaw at Melville (L 7-8)
Wed., 25–Swift Current at Melville
Thur., 26–Swift Current at Melville 
Fri., 27–Melville at Weyburn
Sat., 28–Regina at Melville 
Sun., 29–Melville at Moose Jaw 2:05 p.m.

Fri., June 1–Yorkton at Melville Postponed
Sat., June2–Melville at Weyburn Postponed
Sun., June3–Yorkton at Melville (W 7-2)
Mon., June 4–Melville at Swift Current  (L 6-14)
Tue., June 5–Melville at Swift Current (W 10-6)
Wed., June 6–Melville at Yorkton 11:05 a.m. (W 10-6)
Fri., June 8–Weyburn at Melville  (L 2-3)
Sat., June 9–Melville at Weyburn  (L 7-8)
Sun., June 10–Melville at Moose Jaw 2:05 p.m. (L 1-6)
Mon., June 11–Melville at Yorkton (L 5-11)
Tue., June 12–Yorkton at Melville   (L 2-15 )
Thur., June 14–Melville at Swift Current (L 4-5)
Fri., June 15–Melville at Swift Current ( L 1-7 )
Sat., June 16–Melville at Regina ( L 0-6 )
Sun., June 17–Melville at Yorkton 2:05 p.m. ( L 2-4  )
Mon., June 18–Moose Jaw at Melville  ( W 11-6 )
Tue., June 19–Weyburn at Melville  (W 6-5)
Wed, June 20–Weyburn at Melville  (W 6-3)
Fri., June 22–Melville at Regina  (L 0-6)
Sat., June 23–Moose Jaw at Melville  (postponed to Sunday)
Sun., June 24–Moose Jaw at Melville (L 4-10)
Tue, June 26–Medicine Hat at Melville (L 13-9)
Wed., June 27–Medicine Hat at Melville (L 2-5)
Thur., June 28–Melville at Okotoks (W 5-3)

Fri., June 29–Melville at Okotoks (W 10-3)
Sat., June 30–Melville at Edmonton (L 3-21)

Special Nights - Calendar of Events




Educators night - Paying tribute to all teachers and support staff



Wear plaid for Dad - A tribute to all Dads and an awareness night for prostate cancer. All fans are encouraged to wear something plaid. $1 will be donated to prostate cancer for every fan wearing Plaid 



Minor Ball night. Make sure to wear your uniforms! Show up early for a picture with the team



Run the bases with the Mils. A chance for kids to get to know our Mils and run the bases with them

27   Melville Millionaires Hockey Board recognition night


First Responders recognition night. Paying tribute to our E.M.S., Firefighters and R.C.M.P.



Food Bank night - 1/2 off admission with the donation of items for the local Food Bank



Tribute to Terry Puhl, and Mils Parents night



Moms night out/Strike Out Cancer. Honouring Moms everywhere. Wear pink to the game and $1 will be donated to Breast Cancer Foundation.



Run the bases with the Mils. Another chance for the kids to get to know our Mils and run the bases with them



Mils Volunteer night. Recognizing the Board of Directors for your Melville Millionaires Baseball club and those who give their time to make the season work

28   Billet family night. Recognizing the people who provide a “home away from home” for our players